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Private education with a difference

Primary education lays the foundation for a child’s life and their life as an adult.   Private education in a prep school aims to give children greater opportunity, greater levels of personal attention, greater levels of individual encouragement, and greater aspiration for success. 

An Aberdour education gives your child the best possible start, combining huge breadth of opportunity with top quality teaching, active tracking of performance and happiness, and constant encouragement. 

We talk a lot about ‘PAL’ and that’s because it transformed everything we do and how we do it.  PAL is unique to Aberdour and it makes us really special.  No other school offers this range of possible activities together with our bespoke way of managing a child’s journey through education.

Within PAL, we provide a very full academic curriculum along with programmes that develop a child’s life skills, thinking skills, self-awareness and awareness of others.  We stimulate creativity and give our children the ability to manage and exploit technology, rather than just to use it.  And we build broad interest in a wide range of sports, arts, and activity areas, so that everyone finds their own brilliance, wherever it lies.  All that is wrapped up with enthusiasm, curiosity, a love of learning and a love of achievement.

Do come and visit us.