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Senior School Curriculum

From Year 4 we can accelerate the children's educational progress and our unique PAL curriculum is designed to meet the rigours of Senior School entry examinations whilst providing a breadth of skills and knowledge as a strong foundation for the future. 

By now the children are used to moving around the school to specialist subject areas and they are able to take full advantage of all of our resources and facilities.  The Innovation Centre gives exceptional access to the potential that advanced technology can offer,and is the hub of our maths and creativity teaching.  Alongside this, the children use specialist science laboratories, art and DT facilities, and the full sports facilities for which we are also renowned. 

Teaching is carefully planned and individually monitored, and children are continued to be supported by their P.A.L tutors as they move from Middle school to the Senior school.

Our PAL Curriculum is divided into three areas:




Create, Aspire, Innovate, Explore   Yellow on Blue

  • English
  • Science
  • Individual brilliance and belief


  • Creativity


  • Problem solving – the ability to collect, present and analyse information


  • Critical thinking – the ability to ask questions and make hypotheses


  • Leading, co-ordinating and co-operating with others


  • Communicating and presenting – written, verbal, physical and technical


  • Achieving goals – ambition, aspiration, pride in success
  • Maths
  • French and Languages
  • Reasoning
  • Humanities – History, Geography and PRE (Philosophy, Religion and Ethics)
  • IT and STEAM
  • Drama
  • 11+
  • Art and DT


  • PSHE


  • Sport-PE, Games and Swimming


  • Music


The aim of Senior School is to develop happy, confident children whose brilliance has been found and developed, who enjoy learning and who senior schools will be keen to have within their communities.  Beyond that, of course, what we are really trying to do is give the children the best possible foundation for the rest of their lives, based on core knowledge and strong personal and interpersonal skills, and the happy self-confidence to grow and matured into responsible and successful adults who can enjoy life to the full.