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It is our belief that every child who walks through our doors has brilliance within them.

Our aim is to find and nurture that brilliance and celebrate, as a whole community, the success of every child.

At all levels we aim to provide every child with an individually tailored education that identifies their potential and maximises their opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

We offer an immensely caring, nurturing environment, where happy children enjoy coming to school and are encouraged, stretched and stimulated.  Aberdour children skip into school in the morning and go through the day with plenty of smiles and plenty of laughter.  We believe schooldays should be the happiest part of a person's life, and at Aberdour happiness starts at the front entrance. 

We also believe in giving children the space to grow.  With 12 acres of parkland there is plenty of physical space for everyone, and with plenty of varied opportunities each child can find his or own particular interests and talents. 

Finally, our ethos is supported by "PAL", our own system for Personalised Achievement Learning.   With PAL, each child is assigned a specialist tutor who actively tracks and manages their progress through the school, and we fit flexible teaching and flexible activities around the child.  

The results speak for themselves.  Although we are non-selective, we have an exceptional record of success at gaining admissions and scholarships to the leading senior schools in the area.  Aberdour children are much sought after by these schools and we work in close partnership with them.  

Come and see us and you’ll find a School with plenty of space for young children to grow and thrive, an environment that is safe and comfortable, and a genuine, friendly community where everyone is welcome and everyone feels at home.