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Middle School Curriculum

From Year 2 we teach using our own PAL Curriculum, which goes  far beyond the UK's National Curriculum.  With widespread use of specialist subject teachers, we are able to offer focussed expertise at a younger age than most other schools.  Small class sizes and the principles of PAL give us greater flexibility to build teaching around the individual child.  

We make extensive use of IT to accelerate understanding and to give enriched access to background materials.  Of course the children also use books and other resources, and our overall aim is to encourage them to be excited by knowledge and exploration, and to stimulate them to progress as far and as fast as possible. 

All teaching is planned and structured, with continuous monitoring of individual progress. Support teaching is available for those who need help, together with extension teaching for those who can go further, faster.  We aim to meet the needs of every child in this critical first stage of their education.

The principle of "finding the brilliance in every child" drives everything we do, and as the children progress they start taking part in coached sports and a broader range of activities in "Stepping Stones", the first part of our Aberdour Challenge programme.  Where particular talent or enthusiasm is identified, we can customise the school experience accordingly. 

The classroom curriculum covers all core subjects and gives breadth and depth, as well as the basics.  Sport, art, music and drama, creativity and innovation sit alongside academic subjects, and the children also have access to a wide range of extra-curricular clubs after school.  For those starting to play musical instruments, individual music lessons can be timetabled within the working day.

Finally, all children in Middle School are given some homework (but not too much!). This develops independent learning skills and also gives the children the chance to show parents what they are doing, which can be very motivating for them!