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PAL® is our own system for maximising individual achievement and learning. Parents send their children to Aberdour because they want them to get the most that they possibly can from their primary education, and PAL enables us to build a bespoke education for each and every child. 

'Finding the Brilliance in Every Child'

The guiding principle is that we place your child at the centre of everything we do for them. That means we manage the educational process, in its widest sense, at the individual child level.

PAL works by:

  • recognising the aspirations of each child
  • understanding each child's personal learning style
  • providing truly flexible learning programmes, truly flexible teaching, and truly flexible access to a wonderfully broad range of academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities
  • actively managing each child's goals and progress, adapting an education so that it stretches and flexes as your child develops
  • focussing on our own three elements of educational development - academic, pastoral and aspirational.

In the area of Academic Development, we have a specially developed PAL Curriculum which personalises the educational experience and flexes it to suit the individual child

For Pastoral Development, we offer a particularly happy, friendly environment, with staff who really care and really know each child, together with highly developed processes for monitoring and supporting each child.  

Aspirational Development seeks to give breadth and encourage children to aim higher and broader, with fun programmes that excite, challenge and stretch them.  These include Star Goals, Stepping Stones, Aberdour Challenge and Aberdour Active.

Uniquely, we provide dedicated, specialist staff to manage each child’s progress. We believe that planning and targeting teaching is far more effective than just delivering lessons, so we employ non-teaching ‘Tracking Tutors’, at a ratio of 1 tutor to every 10 teachers in Main School.

These tracking tutors are themselves highly qualified and experienced teachers, but they do not teach classes and their sole focus is to plan and holistically manage your child’s progress. This means they build a long-term knowledge of him or her over a period of several years, and from Year 2 through to Year 6 they provide each child with an individual plan that covers all aspects of their aspirational development. They liaise with teachers to ensure a bespoke teaching and learning programme that reflects the individual child, they monitor progress and pick up on issues and further opportunities, and they provide mentoring to the child. In short, they steer the child through their school career

So, when we say that Aberdour provides a bespoke education, it really does. 

The results are that Aberdour children are self-motivated and feel encouraged and supported, while receiving teaching that matches their abilities and challenges them at every level. Children in Years 5 and 6 additionally have access to a PAL 'Creativity Carousel', when subjects such as dance, food technology, robotics, design and animation are taught. As a result, they build skills, confidence, achievements and capabilities and they enjoy coming to school.

New parents are given a full briefing about how the PAL system works. We also provide on-line tracking data.

In addition to helping children to achieve their full potential, PAL prepares them for their chosen senior schools. The Programme feeds into individually-planned extension lessons which focus each child towards the specific entry, and long-term requirements of his or her first choice senior school. Our aim is to achieve admissions success and a happy and successful fit thereafter.  

'Tell me and I may forget. Show me and I may not remember. But involve me and I'll truly understand'   

Personalised Achievement Learning - P.A.L,  is an educational support plan developed at Aberdour School. 

PAL® is a Registered Trademark and registered with the UK Copyright Service

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