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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a junior version of the Aberdour Challenge, specially designed for the younger children in our Middle School.  As with the Aberdour Challenge, it helps each child in their personal development and independence.

Stepping Stones begins each year after the October half-term and the different year groups are given an age-appropriate set of 'steps' (a gentler word than 'challenges'), which they have to meet before the end of the academic year.  As well as taking more steps to reach a higher level, they also have to take a 'personal achievement step', for which they have a free choice that gives them recognition for anything they have done that they are really proud of. 

As they go through the three levels, the children progress to more complex achievements and the whole programme gives them breadth and greater self-confidence.  It also prepares them for the even greater opportunities that the Aberdour Challenge gives them when they move into our Upper School.

In Stage 1, children take 3 steps and a personal achievement step

In Stage 2, they take 4 steps and a personal achievement step

In Stage 3, they take 5 steps and a personal achievement step