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English Department

Fluency in English (both written and oral) is an essential foundation for success in all subjects. At Aberdour, we encourage exciting and expressive writing and strive to develop the accurate use of grammar, punctuation and spelling. We aim to enthuse children about language, literature and the power of words; this is done through English classes, bespoke library lessons and whole school objectives, like our ‘Word of the Week’. Poetry is widely celebrated and we take part in National Poetry Day, the Poetry by Heart competition and welcome visiting poets for workshop days. Our Main School programme is tailored to the 11+ exams, ensuring each pupil gets the practice and opportunity to achieve their best when applying for future schools.

The English department is forward-thinking, proactive and vibrant, always seeking new ways to expand pupils’ understanding and build upon the skills they have already developed. We aim to foster a love of reading and an appreciation of different genres and authors, encouraging pupils to explore different texts and think, in turn, about their own writing. Our motto is:

‘Reading and writing cannot be separated. Reading is breathing in; writing is breathing out.’