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Senior School at Aberdour

Our Senior School (Years 4, 5 and 6) continues to build the children's skills and abilities, giving them a truly outstanding education both academically and in terms of their individual self-development. 

Obviously there is also a strong (and expert) focus on senior school entrance and 11+ preparation, and our "next schools" record speaks for itself, with around 50% of the children winning scholarships.  We do not believe in applying pressure. Aberdour children over-achieve because they are happy to, because they are extremely well taught, and because they are extremely well supported and encouraged.

In Senior School, and within the PAL system, we combine classroom teaching with exam preparation, interview training, and a wide range of extra-curricular and self-development options.  The lifelong learning programme gives these older children even more opportunities to explore themes such as creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, the use of advanced technology, and personal skills development. 

In 2018, Aberdour was awarded the accolade of "Best Use of Technology in a UK Independent School", against major public schools with immense resources at their disposal.  Our strength in making the maximum use of technology (positively, not just for its own sake), means our children can see potential that other children in other schools cannot. 

In general, our aim is to make full use of of our facilities and our specialist staff, educating children to the standards of a 13+ (even 16+) school, but within an 11+ environment. This gives them huge advantages both when applying to senior schools and in the way they approach life and learning.

Senior School also provides all the leadership opportunities which come from being a child at the top of an independent school, with whole-school responsibilities as prefects, class guardians, mentors to the younger children and role models to everyone.  With plenty of sport, wider access to the performing and visual arts, a huge range of extra-curricular options and a flexible, personalised timetable, children will leave Aberdour with confidence, achievements of which they are proud and the skills to succeed at their senior schools and beyond.

All this, plus of course the immensely happy and encouraging atmosphere, gives children a truly outstanding education and, even more importantly, a childhood they can look back on with a smile.