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Middle School at Aberdour

Middle School starts in Year 2, and it's an exciting time because by now the children are able to be more independent and can make far more use of our wonderful facilities and resources.

As a result, the Middle School provides

-  A creative curriculum

-  Personalised learning based on the principles of PAL, allowing the children's interests to develop and be developed

-  A stimulating extended learning area with learning pods and investigation stations

-  Extensive use of iPads, along with VR and AR to bring learning to life

-  Specialist subject teachers - a real strength of Aberdour compared to other local schools

-  Highly trained teaching assistants, to ensure that each child gets even more individual attention

-  A dedicated playground, equipped with exciting amenities suited to children aged 6 to 8

-  Daily meditation and mindfulness exercises, to create a calmer yet more purposeful atmosphere


Middle School also begins the first stages of the Aberdour Challenge, giving the children even more chances to shine in all sorts of areas, and to build their self-confidence, leadership skills and sense of achievement.