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Preparing for 11+

'Finding the right senior school for every child!'

Every year, 100% of Aberdour pupils are successfully accepted into local, regional and national senior schools at 11+. Last year of the 45 children who sat entrance exams for independent senior schools, we had a staggering 94 offers from over 20 senior schools including Reigate Grammar, Caterham, Epsom, St Johns and Dunnotar. In addition, our pupils were awarded an impressive 26 Scholarships between them. Pupils were also successful in gaining entry to local Grammar schools, High schools and Academies.

Throughout the early years of your child’s journey at Aberdour we take time to get to know each child. We discover what they like, their hobbies, their potential and their brilliance. P.A.L lessons, led by PAL tutors, start from Year 2, and sessions are tailored to their interests in order that we may plan the journey that each child will take throughout their time at our school. Every child is coached, mentored, nurtured and educated in their own individual way, getting to know your child and the environment that is best suited to them, and decisions about which school may best meet the needs of your child, will be very much part of the school’s preparation process. Having built up positive relationships with our feeder schools, we can ensure the right senior school for every child!

Please remember that you do not need to plan for your child’s entry into Senior schools until the beginning of Year 5. We will be there to support you and your child throughout this process. We have been doing this for over 93 years!

Aberdour pupils have always shown to excel in critical thinking and reasoning. We offer support in a number of ways and ensure the children are at the heart of everything that we do, as such the sessions are designed to enhance the children’s self-esteem and confidence, to prepare them for their next stage.

  • We meet with you to discuss the right school for your child, together with the various entry requirements for your chosen schools.
  • We ensure regular exam practise from Year 5 onwards, and integrate 11+ homework from the spring term (this includes a subscription to BOFA to support with online examinations).
  • We build weekly 40-minute reasoning sessions into the school timetable from Year 2 onwards.
  • PAL tutors focus their lessons on developing both your child’s exam techniques and their skills in interview situations.
  • Your child will receive a number of practise interviews with their Tutor, Headmaster and Deputy Head.
  • Each child will build a PAL Portfolio of Lifelong Learning, which may be shared at their various senior school interviews.
  • References are prepared for each school that your child has applied to (this normally takes place in the November of Year 6).
  • The Headmaster has discussions with numerous senior schools regarding individual pupils.

Over the past 3-5 years, Aberdour has fed into the following schools. The information is provided to help with your Senior School selection and entry process.

Alleyns   ArdinglyCollege    Belmont School   BoxHillLogoRGB

CaterhamSchool 2jpg    CityofLondonFreemans   CranmoreSchool    CroydonHighSchool

DownsendSchool    DunnotarSchool    EpsomCollege     EtonCollege

EwellCastleSchool     GreenshawHighSchool    KingsCollegeSchool     KingstonGrammar

KingswoodHouse   Lingfield    ManorHouse    Millfield

NonsuchHighSchool 2   ReedsSchool    ReigateGrammar   RoyalRussell

StJohns    StPauls    StTeresas    SuttonGrammar

SuttonHigh    The Cedars Logo    TheTiffin   Tiffin 

 WallingtonCountyGrammar    WallingtonHighSchool    Westminster School    Whitgift

  WilsonsSchool    Woldlogo15 CMYK    WorthSchool


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