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27th Feb 2018

Caring And Compassionate

Aberdour pupils are well known for their charity support and recently Ali Bathaiee in Year 2 showed incredible compassion for those who go hungry and who need our support to put food on the table. Sitting down to his favourite dinner,  Ali asked his mother if everyone had their favourite dinner in the evening and was told that sadly many people go hungry these days. So Ali decided to help. He wrote a letter to 48 of his neighbours asking for donations of food. He received enough to fill 20 bags that he then took to the food bank in Banstead.

Then using his pocket money, Ali bought the ingredients to make lots of cookies for all the neighbours to say thank you for all the help and support that they had given him in providing food for those who needed it.

Such a brilliant story - a huge well done to Ali for all his hard work!

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