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Welcome from the Headmaster

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Our world is changing fast, and today’s children will be competing in their adult lives with technology, as well as with bright, able and well-educated people from other countries and cultures. What we have traditionally regarded as essential knowledge is being augmented by the requirement for life skills, thinking skills, creative skills and people skills, all of which are becoming ever more important.

In 2007, Aberdour developed PAL, providing a truly individualised education with breadth and flexibility. We have supported PAL with major investments in our staff, our systems, our buildings, our IT and our resources, and the combination of a child-focused education. Genuinely innovative teaching has made a real difference to the children’s skills, achievements and enjoyment of life.

Our Vision gave us a clear view as to how we could give your children even more of the skills that will equip them to make the most of their senior schools and their adult lives. It is also a clear view of how we can continue to do things that other schools are not offering.  In short, at Aberdour creativity, aspirational development and technology have been embedded with challenge, opportunity and exciting teaching, along with nurturing care, encouragement and personalisation for each child.

We also believe that education should be exciting and fun, and that children should be encouraged to smile and laugh as well as to learn and think, to work and play.

Aberdour is a school which addresses the opportunities of the future, rather than those of the past.  If you are looking for a school which understands young children and is serious about giving them the best possible preparation for life, I very much hope you will come and visit us.

Simon Collins

'Independent School Head of the Year, 2010/11'

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Every child has the potential to shine. At Aberdour, we aim to find the brilliance in every child, by providing an individually tailored education that identifies their potential and maximises their opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.


Founded in 1928, Aberdour is a thriving and extremely successful preparatory school for 360 girls and boys aged 2 to 11 years. At all levels we aim to provide every child with an individually tailored education that identifies their potential and maximises their opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.


There is a saying, ‘Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time’. We never forget that we are preparing children for a modern world. Growing up today can be confusing and complex; at our School we provide children with the relevant learning and support required to face the challenges ahead.