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Stepping Stones

What is Stepping Stones?

Stepping Stones is a 'mini challenge' for Years Three, Four and Five. It is devised to help each child in their personal development and independence.

Each year group will have a  year appropriate amount of 'steps' or challenges to meet over a period of time. They will also have to take a 'personal achievement step'.

Stepping Stones is launched each year after the October half-term.

Year 3: In year 3 children are to take 3 steps and a personal achievement step

Year 4: In Year 4 children are to take 4 steps and a personal achievement step

Year 5: In Year 5 children are to take 5 steps and a personal achievement step

Personal Achievement Step

This can be anything that the child has achieved out of lessons and is proud of. For example -  a painting, a poem, playing in a concert, receiving a grade certificate for music, ballet, tap dancing, riding, judo, fencing or gymnastics - the list is endless.

Once the child has achieved this step, he/she will take the evidence to the PAL office for verification. Details of the steps are listed in each classroom and form teachers will monitor the progress of their own class throughout the year.