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National Awards

Winner of 'Best Use of Technology Award' 2019

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Shortlisted for 'i25 Award' 2019

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The Times (TES) Independent Schools Awards

The TES Independent School Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in UK independent schools, and are highly significant because the sector includes major world-class schools.  Aberdour has been recognised a number of times as one of the top independent schools in the country, and we are particularly proud of winning the Best Use of Technology award, where we were up against some of the country's top public schools. 

2018 Winner of 'Best Use of Technology' 2019
2017 Shortlisted for 'Best Use of Technology' 2018
2017 Shortlisted for 'PrePrep/Prep School of the Year' 2018
2016 Shortlisted for 'Strategic Education Initiative Of The Year' 2016
2015 Shortlisted for 'Governing Body Of The Year' 2015
2013 Shortlisted for 'Independent School Of The Year' 2013
2013 Winner of 'Outstanding Financial/Commercial Initiative' 2013
2011 Shortlisted for 'Outstanding Financial/Commercial Initiative' 2011
2010 Winner of Independent Schools 'Head Of The Year' 2010
2010 Shortlisted for 'Independent School of the Year' 2010


Independent Insights i25 Awards 2019

An awards scheme to recognise the top 25 innovators and influencers in the UK's Independent Schools Sector.

2019 Headmaster Simon Collins - Shortlisted for i25 2019