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    Aberdour is a school where each child is encouraged to develop his or her full potential. Nowhere is this more important than in the very early stages of education. It is during these years, when children are at their most receptive and eager to learn, that we ensure that their grasp of basic skills - taught under the gentle guidance of our expertly trained staff, enables them to build firm foundations for their future education.

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    Early Years

    The Early Years facility promotes learning activities both in and outside the classroom setting, in line with the Foundation Stage. The Department provides a balanced curriculum. Activities are well planned and the good staff to pupil ratio allows for a wide variety of activities to be available throughout the day. Children are also given free access to resources and are encouraged to learn through their own experiences and individual interests.

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    In Years 1 and 2, in addition to the National Curriculum and specialist teaching taught in the Department, the children use the IT suite and Library in the Main School buildings. Individual music lessons are timetabled within the working day. A programme of continuous assessment is followed throughout the Pre-Prep Department and runs into Main School. All children in Pre-Prep are given some homework.

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    Main School

    By this stage, children are used to moving around the School to specialist subject areas and are able to take full advantage of all Aberdour's facilities. These include well-equipped laboratories, language departments, music rooms and an IT suite. All classrooms in the School have computers and are linked by Intranet, and a high number have interactive whiteboards.

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    Aberdour offers many opportunities for girls and boys to participate in a wide range of sporting activities. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of relevant skills. All children are encouraged to take pride in their own performance and to enjoy sport to the full. Pupils are able to be part of competitive team games as well as individual pursuits such as tennis, golf and swimming.

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    Innovations Centre

    Our wonderful Arts & Innovation Wing opened in September 2015. Such is the outstanding success of the school that we have been able to expand our specialist facilities and to also create extra classroom space to cope with the high demand for places at Aberdour. Our fantastic new building includes: a STEM Room (STEM Learning - Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths); Innovations Studio; an Interactive Languages Studio; a radical and exciting Maths Studio; Music and Music Technology rooms; and a Dance, Yoga and Drama Studio. STEM knowledge will provide our pupils with the problem-solving skills necessary to be innovative and creative thinkers.

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    PALŪ is our own system for maximising individual achievement and learning. Parents send their children to Aberdour because they want them to get the most that they possibly can from their primary education, and PAL enables us to build a bespoke education for each and every child.