Main School

By this stage, children are used to moving around the School to specialist subject areas and are able to take full advantage of all Aberdour's facilities.

These include well-equipped laboratories, language departments, music rooms and an IT suite. All classrooms in the School have computers and are linked by Intranet, and a high number have interactive whiteboards.

Many children are involved with the School Orchestra and most take part in productions and team sports. There is a wide range of extra-curricula subjects to choose from, and after-school clubs provide the opportunity to develop individual skills further.

At the same time, children are given a broader range of homework which encourages them to develop an awareness of their own responsibilities to work.

This carefully controlled and continually assessed progress through the lower and middle years of school, brings each pupil well-prepared to their final years at the Preparatory School. The focus of these senior years is their final examinations, whether it be Common Entrance, scholarship entry to senior schools, or entry to Grammar schools.  

In addition to the more formalised curriculum, all Senior School pupils receive lessons in strategic and intelligence skills - skills that can be transferred to all aspects of their lives. Concentrating on three main areas - thinking skills, social skills and study skills, our 'Out of the Box' syllabus enables children to learn in a subject environment which is free from assessment and where no ideas are seen as wrong. These skills will help our pupils become more successful and caring, empathetic individuals, whilst improving their strategic thinking and non-verbal skills. 

Monitors and Prefects are appointed in Years 7 and 8, and they are expected to set a good example to the younger children.