Below are some winning pieces from this year's Banstead Arts Festival Schools’ Poetry Competition. 

KS2 winner: "My Poem About School" by Matilda Clark

My Poem About School

I've got to write this poem in English,
I don't know what I should write about.
Maybe I should write about the time when...


The dragon in the woods burnt down the school,
Or when the Loch Ness monster had too much water in the lake.
The time when the wicked witch cast a spell and make smoke in science,
Or the time when zombie Albert Einstein messed up all the maths papers,
Oh or when the prince sliced the stepmother’s leg in two
Or when the monster in the sky knocked down all the trees
Or when the pirates captured the fairy and never gave her back.


It's all fine and dandy, school,
But that happens to everyone,
I wish we were different,
We might get a...


Or the pool floods,
Or there's a big explosion in science and smoke goes everywhere
Or all the maths papers get mixed up by two dumbos
Or a knife falls on a teacher’s leg in lunch and cuts it
Or the wind blows down some trees on the field
And the bullies steal our sweet money.


It would be nice to be the only school that was normal,
It's hard work living in a fantasy world.
Matilda Clark, Year 5

KS3 winner "Identity" by Indio Robinson


They thought they knew her –
But they didn't.
They thought they were right–
But they werewrong.
When they first met her, they decided who she was –
And who she was going to be.
Her personality was put in a box –
As so with theothers.
Forbidden to grow outsideit. Forbidden tochange.
Restricted to only being what others assumed she was.
The boxes were each labelled,
But she was labelled as 'the teacher's pet'.
Labelled as 'shy'.
Labelled as 'the girl who didn't talk'.
The girl who didn't reach out.
The girl whose head hung low,
Wherever she walked.
In class, she would never put her hand up.
Because that iswhat everyone expected of her.
She would never ask questions.
Because that was what everyone wanted her to do,
To never change.
That first day was all it took,
For a first impression to imprint on her life. But it wasn't until
she left that school,
Her identity was set free.
Indigo Robinson, Year 7